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Kabbalistic Calendar Planner 2013-2014

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Kabbalah sees the year 2013-14 as ushering in a unique moment in history, one in which it will be possible for large numbers of people to get out of the limitations of the ego, and make the leap into a completely new state of being.  

The Kabbalistic Calendar can awaken your ability to take control over the astrological influences of each month so that you can make the most of this exciting time in the history of humanity.

In this beautifully designed daily planner you will find tools, teachings and inspiring wisdom for taking control of your life – every month. The easy-to-follow format makes this ancient wisdom accessible for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Each month includes:

• Explanations of opportunities for spiritual growth

• Astrological connections

• Holidays (kabbalistic and secular) for tapping into greater frequencies of fulfillment

• Weekly Torah portions for staying in touch with the energy of the moment

• New Moon blessing & candle lighting times for planting positive seeds

• Zohar portion scanning charts for plugging into the source of Kabbalah

• Guided Ana Bekoach Meditations & Angels of the Day for directing how your day unfolds

• Weekly and Monthly at-a-glance for easy access

• Positive, negative & neutral days for choosing the best times to sign a contract, schedule important meetings, undergo medical procedures, or get married


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